Sunday, January 11, 2009

Zionist damn inhuman!!

As usual whole world got taken aback and thunder broken as heard the violence of the zionist bombed palestinians with no mercy. We in this lower status and position keep shouting out loud to boycott all the goods and services those US and ISRAEL branded. But don't you ever think that are all the boycotting worth it?? Don't you realize that their goods have been a part of our lives since we are born. Like entire products of nestle, maggie manufactured by SaraLee and the beverages by PepsiCola really familiar without any denial. How it been possible to stumble their products irrigation. I will give you one of the most successful boycotting in Oman; the largest PepsiCola Factory has been closed down in result of nobody consume their products. But what is the positive effect? Is the Israel lost their military supply? Is their lost their trade with Veto Supremacy? the answer is nope. The possible type of boycotting maybe refraining from using bank system those affiliated by Israel and US and stop investing on them. If there is no immediate acts taken, they keep upholding the anarchy by pushing the satanic bullets tru the heads of innocent. In a nutshell, in order to win scuffle over these damn notorious regime, Arab World have to unite stoutly or they will keep seeing millions of mothers crying in middle of the night as an ocean of innocence blood keep oozing without any voice of virtue. Come on fight for your right people!!!


john said...

if u said your god is almighty so why ur god doesn't help them?

go to hell with palestine!!!

long live JEWS N ISRAEL

idzuan_amiruddin said...

what if what is happening right now is the sign of the God's allmighty?

aku melayu..? said...

just wait n see...:-) may Allah S.W.T bless u john..

lizzy said...

hey john.
are you a jew anyway?

seems like you really hate the Palestinians.

maybe you don't have any religion.
you sucks that way but please respect.

maybe you will go to hell anyway. then you will see who is THE ALMIGHTY.